A New Look

As we near the launch of our 2023 season, we are elated to unveil a new evolution of the Alaskan Dream Cruises logo. The new logo was designed by talented Tlingit artist and Sitka, Alaska resident, Mary Goddard. Gunalchéesh (thank you), Mary!

All Tlingit people belong to one of two groups known as moieties—Eagle and Raven. The distinctive Tlingit eagle formline and traditional color palette in this design not only honors our Alaska Native heritage in general, but specifically pays tribute to the moiety of our beloved company matriarch, Betty Allen.

Of course, the wave symbolism represents our connection to the water as a small-ship cruise company, but did you know our legacy as a marine operation in Southeast Alaska stretches back over half a century? Bob and Betty Allen launched our sister company, Allen Marine, in 1967 when the couple opened a shipyard in Sitka. Later, the Allens purchased a sunken motor yacht, cleaned it up with significant elbow grease, and outfitted it for sightseeing tours. The family provided their first marine tour of Sitka’s Silver Bay in 1970 aboard this vessel, which was renamed the St. Michael. Today, Allen Marine Tours has a large presence in communities throughout the region, and the vast majority of our boats were built by our talented shipyard team here in Sitka. In 2011, Alaskan Dream Cruises was launched, drawing upon family knowledge of a region that has been our ancestral home for thousands of years.

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