What to expect


You have applied for and accepted a position at Alaskan Dream Cruises. We are quite busy all summer long so that means you will be expected to work 7 days/week for the entire season. That’s the cruising life!


For all our positions, we provide uniform tops, jackets, and hats. You will be required to provide pants and footwear. We require black uniform pants in a Dockers or Dickies style. We also allow black Carhartt pants. No leggings, jeans, work out pants, etc. Footwear should be close-toed and non-skid. Galley crew are provided Chef coats and pants.

Clothing To Pack

Weather in the rainforest can change at the drop of a hat – from 70 and sunny to 50 and rain in the span of a few hours. We recommend bringing layers but packing light. Space is limited on the vessels.

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Free Time

Here are links to travel pages in each of our ports!