Exclusive Lodges

Our exclusive island lodges provide peaceful seclusion with modern comforts in
idyllic wilderness settings.

All of our itineraries feature a relaxing evening at one of our company-owned lodges. Orca Point Lodge features stunning views from shore including scenic Stephens Passage and Admiralty Island National Monument. Sights from Fin Island Lodge include Sitka Sound and a network of beautiful rainforest islands.



  • Indulge in Alaska crab legs served with hot, melted butter, Alaska salmon cooked over an alder wood-fired grill, prime rib, and delicious sides
  • Nestle up to a cozy beachside fire to roast s’mores and share stories with fellow travelers 
  • Enjoy easy beach access for a relaxing stroll next to the water’s edge
  • Scan the ocean and shorelines of nearby islands through our spotting scopes and binoculars
  • Learn about the Alaska Native Tlingit tribe through a cultural presentation
  • At Orca Point Lodge, peruse our beautiful gift shop featuring local art, salmon delicacies, and other Alaskan-made items

Fin Island Lodge was constructed with locally sourced timber and completed in 2018. The building is often able to run entirely off of energy provided by its rooftop solar panels. With walkable shorelines facing both north and south, guests have an opportunity to savor multiple viewpoints of “Sitka by the Sea.” 

Orca Point Lodge rests on Colt Island adjacent to Admiralty Island National Monument, also known as Kootznoowoo, meaning “Fortress of the Bears.” Spotting scopes are available for an up-close view of the famed island from the deck of the lodge. Guests can also enjoy a marine life touch tank filled with a wide array of intertidal zone sea creatures.

A sneak peek of an evening at Orca Point Lodge