Our True Alaskan stories

Alaskan Journeys

As I greet newly arriving guests ready for an Alaskan adventure aboard the Admiralty Dream, I’m reminded of the saying: “Every great journey begins with that first step.” But in Alaska that “first step” may just begin with a flap of a wing, the flick of a tail, the falling…

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Nature’s Trump Card

Just when you think you’ve seen and experienced it all, nature throws in the trump card! Our passengers were just sitting down to enjoy their last meal together, the Captain’s Dinner, when the excited whisper came over the Captain’s radio. What could possibly be so important as to interrupt this…

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No Matter the Weather

A little rain is a big part of life in the temperate rainforest of Alaska. There is a saying here that goes, “If you don’t learn to play in the rain you don’t play much at all.” Rain in Southeast Alaska sustains the forest and the animals – both on…

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The Misty Plume

Deep in the ocean of Alaska, a humpback whale locates a sufficient concentration of food and lunges towards its prey, consuming huge amounts of fish or krill in one massive mouthful. Humpbacks whales often consume up to 1.5 tons of food a day while feeding around the clock. They stop…

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