Thank you for your interest in Alaska Catamaran, LLC, dba Alaskan Dream Cruises (“ADC”)


To book your cruise please contact your travel professional or call us at 855-747-8100 or 907-747-8100. Alaskan Dream Cruises departures are sold on a space available basis. Your deposit or purchase of the passenger cruise ticket constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.


A 15% of total cruise fare deposit is required to secure a reservation. ADC requests receipt of your deposit within five (5) business days of your reservation. Note that reservations will only be confirmed upon receipt of deposit. Deposits and other payments may be paid via credit card or personal check.

Final payment of 100% of passage fare (with credit given for any prior payments) is required no less than 90 days before the departure date of your cruise or at the time of the reservation if made less than 90 days before departure. If final payment is not received in time, confirmed reservations will be cancelled with rebooking subject to space availability.


Online booking capability for Alaskan Dream Cruises is powered by FareHarbor. This online booking software company allows guests to view Alaskan Dream Cruises’ real-time stateroom availability and book at any time. In addition, the company provides guest information and sales support. FareHarbor charges a 6% service fee for all bookings made online.


Travel insurance is available through Travel Guard. Please ask our Alaska Sales & Reservations Specialist who can provide additional information or click on the following link Travel Guard Insurance.




Cancellation of confirmed reservations for any reason are subject to the following cancellation fee schedule per person:


Except as outlined in our cancellation policy, no refunds will be made on unused tours, accommodations, or cruise package features when cancelled or omitted by the passenger or when due to acts or failure to act by third party providers or other causes or acts beyond Alaskan Dream Cruises’ reasonable control.

Guests are eligible for full refunds in the event of nonperformance of transportation if alternative forms of compensation offered by the company do not fully satisfy the guest and are therefore denied by the guest. “’Nonperformance of transportation’ means cancelling or delaying a voyage by three (3) or more calendar days, if the passenger elects not to embark on the delayed voyage or a substitute voyage offered by the passenger vessel operator.” (46 CFR 540.2(m))

Claims for refunds and adjustments regarding nonperformance of transportation by Alaskan Dream Cruises must be submitted in writing to within 60 days of the scheduled end date of the canceled or delayed voyage. Refunds will be issued through the original booking agent and valid claims will be paid within 90 days of receipt of written submission. Any travel insurance you may have purchased may provide additional remedies.


ADC believes strongly in sustainable tourism practices and prides itself on “green” operations. Therefore, the reduction of consumable resources such as paper is one of its goals. To that end, all documentation will be forwarded via e-mail unless hard paper copies are requested. Welcoming e-mail and preliminary travel information as well as required forms will be forwarded within five (5) days of receiving your deposit. Final documents will be e-mailed within two weeks of receiving your final payment. Documents may be delayed if any payment is late.


Smoking is allowed only in selected designated areas on outside decks. Smoking is NOT allowed anywhere inside the vessel.


Handling of your baggage from airport or hotel to the vessel and from the vessel to the airport or hotel is included with your passage fare. ADC is not responsible for damage or loss to baggage while in the custody of airlines or other third party transportation provider. ADC’s responsibility for baggage while in ADC’s custody is limited to the reasonable value of any items damaged or lost. Any travel insurance you may have purchased may provide additional remedies.


In the event of flight delays ADC will make reasonable effort to connect you with your itinerary; however, any added costs are the responsibility of the passenger. If inclement weather or other conditions beyond ADC’s reasonable control delay or interrupt an ADC itinerary, and result in additional transportation or accommodation costs, these costs are solely the responsibility of the passenger.


ADC requires passengers to notify it in writing at the time of reservation of any physical or mental illness or condition which require special accommodations or services including use of a wheelchair. Passengers requiring personal assistance or who are physically disabled must be accompanied by someone who assumes full responsibility for such assistance for both the regular activities of the cruise as well as any emergency situation. ADC will make reasonable efforts to accommodate passengers with medical or physical limitations, but reserves the right to deny boarding to a passenger whose condition may affect their safety or enjoyment of the cruise or that of other passengers, or that may affect the safety or operation of the cruise.

Passengers requiring a wheelchair should bring their own. Some shore excursions preclude the use of a wheelchair. Physical conditions aboard the vessel such as stairs, raised thresholds, no elevator, and narrow doorways or passageways may limit wheelchair use, create challenges for mobility challenged passengers, or restrict access to some areas aboard the vessel.

Special diet requests must be received in writing at least 60 days prior to departure. However, even with such notice, ADC may not be able to accommodate all such requests.

Medical facilities for much of the itinerary are limited and often are difficult to access. While all crew members aboard ADC vessels are CPR certified, trained medical personnel are NOT available aboard ADC vessels.


Embarking and disembarking is accommodated through the use of gangways, or in some instances, excursion craft. Port facilities and tide conditions greatly influence and vary the steepness or placement of gangways or dock ramps.


Shore excursions, either included or discretionary, may involve touring in a variety of physical environments. Each passenger must determine their own fitness and suitability for any shore excursions. Additionally, the Captain, in his/her sole discretion, may, but has no duty to do so, limit passenger participation in activities that could compromise safety.


A passport or visa is not required of citizens of the United States of America except on those itineraries that visit Skagway, Alaska (complimentary shore excursion includes the White Pass Railroad which stops in British Columbia, Canada). A valid government approved ID is required to board the vessel. Foreign citizens are required to have appropriate passport and visas as may be required by US Homeland Security Administration regulations.


ADC occasionally photographs or videos passengers and activities during the course of a cruise. ADC reserves the right to use such photographs or videos for marketing and/or training purposes without obligation to compensate the passenger, and each passenger consents to such use.


Alaskan Dream Cruises is not to be considered the principal of any off vessel operators and bears no responsibility for their actions or lack thereof.

ADC is not responsible for injuries, illness, or death occurring off the vessel or during shore excursions or off vessel activities and the passenger assumes all those risks. ADC is not responsible for any expense or cost incurred by a passenger due to delays, weather conditions or cancellations of shore excursions or transportation during the cruise.

ADC is not responsible for personal injuries, illness, or death resulting from any peril at sea or cause not within its direct control. Passengers and guests shall comply with all applicable laws. The Captain may, in his/her sole discretion, refuse to transport, confine to a stateroom, or disembark any passenger for among other things illness, disease, injury, mental illness, posing a direct threat to the safety or wellness of self or other passengers or crew or vulgar or improper conduct, illegal substance possession or use, refusal to obey applicable laws, company regulations, or otherwise endangering other passengers or crew. Such passenger will bear any expenses related to the above.

ADC’s operations have been approved by the Federal Maritime Commission.


Itinerary arrival and departure times are always subject to change without notice. ADC reserves the right to cancel, alter, advance, postpone or substitute any scheduled sailing or itinerary, substitute another vessel for the scheduled vessel, or substitute or cancel scheduled ports of call in its sole judgment and discretion, and to do so without liability for any loss whatsoever to passengers as a result of said change(s).


Opting into our web chat for questions via Swell gives consent to receive text messages from our reservations department to quickly answer any questions you might have. Message and Data fees may apply, message frequency may vary. We will not distribute your provided phone number to 3rd parties.


Among other things, limitations of ADC’s liability for loss of property, injury, illness or death during the voyage will be provided to all guests in the Terms of Passage sent prior to departure and are also available on our website at, or upon request. By registering for the trip the guest agrees to all such terms and conditions.