The True Alaskan Experience

For millennia, our Alaska Native ancestors thrived in the temperate rainforest of Southeast Alaska.

The sea, rivers, forests, and shorelines were teeming with wildlife and vegetation, providing an abundance of all the necessities of life. Villages were established in strategic locations for trade, security, and food. Eventually, nations around the world heard whispers of the remarkable region and explorers from all walks of life sailed to the area, drawn by the allure of rich natural resources. Fur traders sought valuable pelts – most notably the prized pelt of the sea otter.

Fishermen devised methods of harvesting the vast resources of salmon, halibut, king crab, and other species. Others followed dreams of striking it rich in the gold fields, or of frontier lifestyles in floating timber camps. Once such adventurous spirits experienced a taste of Alaska they often stayed, establishing small communities in the shadows of massive glaciers, along salmon-laden rivers, and unspoiled islands. Today, the communities of the Inside Passage are as diverse as her striking landscapes.


Our all-inclusive, small-ship itineraries offer a mix of excursions in these intriguing towns and Native villages, and adventures in raw wilderness bays and glacial fjords. This approach offers travelers a comprehensive look at all the Inside Passage has to offer. Every Alaskan Dream Cruises experience is hand-picked for its value in immersing you in True Alaska.