Health Policies

Updated January 26, 2023

Travel Insurance: To reduce the personal financial risks inherent with any travel experience, as well as to provide peace of mind during your adventure, Alaskan Dream Cruises strongly encourages every guest purchase travel protection. This wise investment can protect against a wide variety of possibilities. Your chosen travel insurance company can provide you full coverage details.

COVID Vaccination: Effective January 26, 2023, Alaskan Dream Cruises will no longer require a COVID-19 vaccination. However, the company strongly recommends the vaccine as a personal protection against severe disease. We urge all to seek the advice of their personal healthcare providers or medical professionals for decisions regarding vaccines and boosters.

COVID Testing: While pre-testing is no longer required, we encourage you to perform an at-home test prior to traveling—especially if you are experiencing any symptoms. This can help reduce the chance of a personal interruption to your expedition. If you test positive shortly before your expedition, please reach out to us immediately, as well as to the company providing you travel protection.

Cleaning/Disinfection: Our crew is engaged in constant and thorough disinfection of all common areas, cabins, galleys, and other touch points aboard each vessel. Hand sanitation stations are located throughout public spaces. We take the CDC’s recommendations on frequent handwashing seriously as washing thoroughly and often with soap and water is proven to reduce the spread of contagious diseases.

Masks: The wearing of masks aboard Alaskan Dream Cruises vessels is optional. However, this policy, as with all onboard protocols, may be adjusted depending on circumstances. Please be advised that we will also be subject to community guidelines in the towns and Alaska Native villages in which we call.

Guest to Crew Ratio: In 2023, we will operate five small expedition vessels with capacities ranging from just 12 to 76 guests. Due to our high crew-to-guest ratios, we are uniquely positioned to monitor the health of our guests at embarkation and throughout each expedition.

Flexibility: Alaskan Dream Cruises expeditions are flexible. Even under “normal” circumstances, we often adjust itineraries when spectacular wildlife sightings are made or as the weather dictates. This is a key part of what makes our adventures so exciting! In 2023, this flexibility will allow us to adjust our adventures if we need to avoid certain excursions or communities due to virus concerns. Luckily, the Inside Passage boasts countless wild places to explore by kayak, skiff, and on foot…and as locals, we know the best of them!