Upgrade your voyage through True Alaska

Every stateroom on your ship is a warm haven of comfort with an awe-inspiring ocean view. Now with our new Dream a Little Bigger bid-based upgrade program, you have the opportunity to bid for a suite for less*!

How does it work?

First, time to celebrate!

You’re about to make your Alaska dreams come true by sailing with us.

Chichagof Room Deluxe

Decide the amount you’re willing to bid to be upgraded from your current stateroom. Enter your bid. This is a blind/silent auction, and you may bid only once per open stateroom.

Alaskan Dream Vista View

If you are the highest bidder, we will notify you that you’ve been re-booked into the upgraded suite, and your bid amount will be added to your existing invoice.

That’s it. Welcome aboard!

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Frequently Asked Questions


You are eligible for our stateroom upgrade auction if:

  • you have booked a cruise on the same vessel as the stateroom that is open for bids
  • you are the lead guest on your booking
  • you are 18 years or older
  • you have paid your balance in full 
  • you can receive pre-cruise communications from Alaskan Dream Cruises

If eligible, you will receive an email prior to your cruise departure inviting you to submit an upgrade offer.

Most vessels are normally included in the upgrade program, but there is no guarantee that a specific cruise will have a stateroom available for bidding because many cruises sell out all staterooms on board.

If you are uncertain whether you meet the eligibility requirements or have received an email inviting you to participate in the program but still cannot access the upgrade offering website, please call our team at 1-866-693-2042.

Does the upgrade include any additional promotions?

The upgrade does not include any additional promotions. However, if you are to select a Deluxe Cabin or Suite, alcohol will be included.

What happens if I am part of a group or traveling with another reservation?

Each offer is considered individually, Alaskan Dream Cruises cannot guarantee that all reservations traveling together will be upgraded, if any. Under the circumstance that all reservations are upgraded, ADC cannot guarantee that all the upgraded cabins will be close together.

Can I reject the upgrade after it is accepted?

No, once your bid is accepted, your card will be charged immediately, and the upgrade amount paid is final and non-refundable.

What happens with the promotions I already have?

The promotions you already have will remain on your booking, but they will not apply to the upgrade. The amount of your upgrade offer will be the full amount that you will pay to upgrade if your offer is accepted.

Can I choose the location or specific features of the upgrade cabin?

No, your cabin location and attributes will depend on availability. Alaskan Dream Cruises cannot guarantee a specific cabin number assignment within the upgraded category.

Can I modify or cancel my offer after I submit it?

You may modify or cancel your offer up until the offer is accepted.

When will I know if my offer got accepted?

You will receive a confirmation email upon your offer being accepted.

If I have two reservations can I bid only once and if accepted, cancel the second reservation and move the guests into the upgraded cabin?

No, if you have two cabins you will need to submit two separate bids and they will be considered independently. ADC cannot guarantee that both reservations will be upgraded, but the small size of our vessels means you won’t be far away from your travel partners. An accepted upgrade offer results in a rebooking of the original reservation, not a cancellation. Any reservations cancelled by our guests are subject to the cancellation fees listed in our policy.

What happens if I am a single guest?

A single guest should bid what they are willing to pay for the upgrade. The upgrade offer is based on the cabin and not the number of guests occupying the cabin.

What happens if my offer is not accepted?

If your offer is not accepted, you will not be charged any additional amount, and you will stay in the stateroom you originally booked.

What happens if I purchased travel protection?

If you have travel protection via your travel professional or arranged independently, please contact them to add your upgrade to your coverage.

How can I change the credit card I used to submit an offer?

To change the credit card number, you will need to cancel and re-submit your offer(s) using the new payment information.

Is the offer amount I am submitting additional to the cost of my original reservation?

Yes, any bid amount accepted for an upgrade will be in addition to the cost of your original booking. This upgrade charge will appear on your statement as ALASKANDREAMCRUISES_UPGRADE.

*Only customers who have an existing booking are eligible to bid for an upgrade of accommodation.