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Dear Alaska Explorer,

Growing up in Sitka our family was busy operating boat tours for Alaska’s travelers and building vessels in our Jamestown Bay shipyard. During our off hours we were out exploring the Southeast waters. This spirit of discovery has stayed with us through the decades and remains as much a part of us today as it did in our childhood.

Our adventures have brought us to countless bays, coves, and inlets in this remarkable region. We enjoy hiking, fishing, camping, kayaking, and sometimes, just relaxing next to a beachside fire. Equally as fascinating as the wildlife and landscapes are the people we’ve met along the way.

From loggers to fishermen, Alaska’s personalities are diverse but tied by a common thread- a deep love of the place we call home. There is a distinct lifestyle in this wild frontier, and residents are accustomed to watching out for each other. We’ve come to call this singular level of warmth and friendliness True Alaskan Hospitality. Although this phrase didn’t exist until a few years ago, the idea has been practiced by our family ever since we resurrected a sunken yacht and outfitted it for sightseeing tours in the spring of 1970.

Alaskan Dream Cruises’ itineraries are designed to ensure you will enjoy an authentic and personal Alaska experience. At the conclusion of each day, you’ll feel that you’ve done much more than just travel through the Inside Passage. You will realize you’ve witnessed the region through the lens of a resident. You will have experienced natural interactions with local peoples and indigenous cultures and have walked the streets and gravel roads of towns and villages which rarely see outside visitors. There are opportunities to step onto pristine shorelines and into the cover of dense old-growth forests through special-use permits with the Forest Service, Glacier Bay National Park, and private landholder organizations. At the conclusion of each day’s adventures, you’ll find your chosen vessel to be a relaxing retreat, where guests dine on regional cuisine and learn from compelling evening presentations. You’ll also interact with officers and crew that embrace and embody True Alaskan Hospitality.

Though we’ve spent decades exploring this region, we have yet to run out of new places to explore. The wildlife continues to fascinate us and the grandeur of the scenery is never taken for granted. We invite you to join us for a journey through True Alaska. We cannot wait to share our passion for this unspoiled and untamed land with you.

Alaskan Dream Cruises