Chichagof Salt Room

Our Salt Room is the “Coolest”

After a full day of hiking, kayaking or exploring glacial fjords, Chichagof Dream guests can head to our exclusive salt room to unwind in a warm, soothing, Zen-like setting with low lights and soft music.

Some have likened the benefits of time spent in a salt room to a day at the beach, and this amenity has become so popular with cruisers like you, that it recently earned a Travel Agent Magazine award for “coolest feature” on a small cruise ship!

“The main deck of Alaskan Dream Cruises’ Chichagof Dream includes a salt cave with nearly four full walls of Himalayan salt,” notes the magazine’s Travel Agent Central. “With a capacity of up to six guests, salt caves are said to be able to alleviate respiratory conditions, as well as promote calm, detoxification and wellness.”

What a comforting vision during a bustling holiday season!

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