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Ride the Wave of Winter Savings on a 2020 Small-Ship Cruise

Maybe you’ve noticed an uptick in advertising for cruises this month. That’s because it’s what we in the biz call “Wave Season” – that time from January to March where cruise companies offer “waves” of discounts, upgrades, and other perks.

For example, Alaskan Dream Cruises is running winter specials that include reduced fares, air travel and gift cards. And if you’ve already booked, in addition to free cocktails and hotel stays. And if you’re already booked on the Chichigof Dream for 2020, we’ve got some exciting opportunities when you upgrade to a Deluxe Stateroom or Deluxe Suite! 

One of the reasons cruise companies launch these promotions this time of year is because people have recovered from a flurry of holiday activities, their calendars are more open, and wanderlust is just the cure for malaise caused by grey skies and cold weather.

“Wave season may capitalize on cabin fever, but for travelers, it’s a huge opportunity—especially if they’ve been thinking about taking a cruise for the first time—as they can rack up some serious discounts and amenities at little to no extra cost during this time,” advises Condé Nast Traveler.

It’s an especially great time to book a small-ship cruise with family or friends, because we’re offering deals for families with children, as well as groups of eight or more.

Alaskan Dream Cruises’ small-ship vessels, with capacities ranging from just 10 to 76 passengers, provide a more intimate and personal cruise experience than the larger lines, which hold literally thousands of passengers. In addition, our smaller size and shallow drafts allow us to venture into remote spots where larger cruise ships are unable to go. And you don’t have to dress for dinner, either! 

Another advantage to booking early during wave season, according to the New York Times, is it’s more likely you’ll get your choice of cabins and itineraries. Besides, the Times says, “It’s a gamble whether potential cruisers will see such deals later in the year.”

Whether you book directly with your cruise line or through a travel agent, USA Today suggests, “Be an active –rather than a passive – deal hunter.” That means reading the fine print so you understand whether an offer applies to an individual ship, a certain type of cabin, or only for specific dates. It’s all spelled out here. 

Book today through our secure reservations form, or give our reservations specialists a call at 1-855-747-8100. And don’t forget to use your Promo Code!


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