Travel Updates

Updated May 5, 2020

The safety of our guests and crew is our top priority and we continue to closely monitor COVID-19 updates from the CDC, State Department, Health & Human Services Department, as well as the State of Alaska Department of Health and Social Services. There are relatively few cases of COVID-19 in the state of Alaska.

Due to the uncertainty presented by the pandemic and potential health risks, we’ve made the difficult decision to not operate cruises with May and June 2020 start dates. We strongly believe that the health and safety of every guest must take priority.

We understand many of our guests and people hoping to visit True Alaska have questions and concerns. We are also aware of recent government advisories regarding travel both domestic and international. We advise everyone planning travel to read the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization and the UN World Tourism Organization.

Our 2020 season is currently scheduled to start July 1, when we hope it will be safe to give our guests the opportunity to experience True Alaska with True Alaskans. There are  many benefits to traveling in remote Southeast Alaska and it’s worth sharing those here to highlight our unique capabilities in a time when things are changing rapidly.

  • In 2020, Alaskan Dream will operate five small expedition vessels with capacities ranging from just 12 to 76 guests. Due to our high crew-to-guest ratio, we are uniquely positioned to monitor the health of our guests at embarkation and throughout each expedition. To assist us in this effort, we will be sending out a pre-expedition questionnaire to mitigate potential health risks.
  • From the company’s beginnings in 2011, we’ve been proud of our rigorous cleaning standards. In light of COVID-19, we will be implementing even more in-depth steps under the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s protocols.

o  Cabins, common areas, galleys and dining rooms will be cleaned daily with EPA-approved virus-killing disinfectants. (Yes, this means everything from the doorknobs to the leather chairs and on down to the computer keyboards.)

o  Antibacterial soaps and hand sanitizers will be provided in all common areas and public restrooms.

o  A disinfectant-infused walk-off carpet will be installed at gangways to prevent possible contamination of carpets and other floors.

  • As a family-owned company we can offer the peace of mind that comes with owning private docks and facilities throughout Southeast Alaska.
  • Alaskan Dream Cruises itineraries are flexible–we can easily re-route vessels to minimize any risk should they arise in a particular community.
  • A sterilizing UV light has been installed on all onboard HVAC / vent systems.
  • An important aspect of every Alaskan Dream Cruises itinerary is spending time in remote wilderness areas. Southeast Alaska is a region with more than 1,000 islands and more than 18,000 miles of coastline–about 20% of the coastline of the entire United States. In fact, the square mileage of our land and water is not too far under the square mileage of the state of Florida. And yet, Southeast Alaska is home to just 72,000 residents. There are hundreds of quiet bays, passages, and channels to explore in the event that an unforeseen change needs to be made.
  • Our organization has been in business for over 50 years and we are fortunate to have infrastructure throughout the Inside Passage. As such, we are agile and equipped to ensure your well-being.
  • As always, we encourage travelers to look into the many types of travel insurances available on the market, including “cancel for any reason” policies.

Please see the most common questions we’re being asked about COVID-19 and feel free to reach out to us with any questions at 1-855-747-8100 or We look forward to hosting you in an area full of wildlife, glaciers, and untamed wilderness. While we do so, be assured the health and safety of every guest is our top priority.

All the best,
Dave & Lauren Allen


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