TripSavvy Says We’re Number 1 for Adventure!

TripSavvy, the trusted  online travel website, has named Alaskan Dream Cruises the BEST cruise for folks seeking a True Alaska adventure! One of the top-10 travel information sites in the world, TripSavvy puts a spotlight on the Admiralty Dream, one of our six outstanding small ship cruise vessels. The Admiralty’s 7-night Last Frontier Adventure is specially designed for travelers who crave a high level of adventure and a desire to immerse themselves in the Alaska wilderness.

“The 54-passenger ship is the perfect atmosphere for camradery,” TripSavvy writes.

Imagine bringing friends or making new ones onboard as your daily adventures take you to remote locations, including Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve. You’ll hike rainforest trails, kayak in glacial fjords, and more.

“Excursions focus on local culture such as totem carvings, folk dances, and other Tlingit cultural presentations,” notes TripSavvy. Read the full review here to see why we’re Number 1!

If you’re ready for Alaska’s best adventure cruise, you can book here today.



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